All of our cheesesteaks are 100% ribeye and served with cooper sharp unless specified cheeses: american, provolone, or cooper wiz.=


Gazzo Steak

Our thinly sliced ribeye served with choice of cheese and with/without onions (longhots available)

Trenton Steak

Our thinly sliced ribeye with chopped taylor pork roll and our homemade cooper wiz

Sanatoga Steak
Our thinly sliced ribeye served with our smoked cooper cheese and with/without onions. (longhots available)

Apollo steak
our thinly sliced ribeye served with white Italian minced truffle and cooper sharp

our thinly sliced ribeye, special sauce, lettuce, Cooper cheese, pickles (Gazzos spin on the Big Mac)


Chicken Cutlet
Our thinly sliced breaded chicken cutlet topped homemade provolone wiz (longhots additional) and broccoli rabe

Roast Pork
Our thinly sliced roast pork with homemade provolone wiz (longhots additional) and broccoli rabe


French Fries

Cheese Fries
French fries topped with our home made cooper wiz

Steak Fries
French fries with 100% ribeye and our home made cooper wiz topped with green onions

Roast  Pork Fries
French fries with roast pork, home made sharp provolone wiz and broccoli rabe

Chicken Cutlet Fries
French fries with chicken cutlet, home made sharp provolone wiz and brocolli rabe

Apollo Steak Fries – our thinly sliced ribeye served with Italian minced white truffle and cooper sharp wiz


Can soda

Bottled Water

Bottled Soda/Tea

In early 2022 Brother-in-Law’s, Joe Lewis and Mike Lamson, decided they wanted to bring their love for quality, authentic, city food to the Burbs…queue Gazzos Steaks!!! While Joe and Mike both live locally in the Montgomery County area with their families, they were both born and raised in South Philadelphia. Both families have generational roots deep in South Philly. Many family members are active Mummers and participate in the globally known Mummers Day Parade, still to this day. Joe and Mike are no strangers to authentic “city food.” Their families owned several restaurants in South Philly. One of those being Manny Brown’s (which was highly known as the best BBQ in town back in its day) and October’s Fine Dining on Front Street. Joe and Mike share a passion for exceptional food, which is why all of the ingredients used at Gazzos Steaks are fresh and made of the highest quality, never frozen. In addition, they also share a love for the City of Philadelphia that goes back to their childhoods. It is that combination that makes the difference in Gazzos Steaks. Whether you are a local, a Philly native, or just looking for some good quality “city food”, stop by and see Joe and Mike today. A delicious new chapter begins!

22 S Hanover St
Pottstown, PA 19464

Hours of Operation:
Wed – Sunday 11AM – 8PM

Telephone:  (484) 802-7070

For large orders or catering information, please call or email

For large orders or catering: